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Award Winning Custom Tattoo Artist. Tattooing Westchester For Two Decades.

I added 12 new photos to the Tattoo Gallery.

I added 7 new photos to the Tattoo Gallery.

I added 6 new photos to the Tattoo Gallery.

It's been a while but I added 19 new photos to the Tattoo Gallery.


I added 9 new photos to the Tattoo Gallery.

I added 9 new photos (7 Color Tattoos, 1 Cover Up, 1 Portrait) in the Tattoo Gallery.

Take a look through my gallery of tattoos, and aftercare procedures with helpful tips for healing tattoos. If you have any questions you can look through the Q&A.

About me: Four years of private training in Fine Arts throughout high school  helped me get accepted into Pratt Institute In New York.  After earning an Associate’s Degree in Illustration I started tattooing in July 1993.  I learned on my own before landing a job at a well know shop in the Bronx in 1996 and returned to Westchester In 1998. Throughout my career I have won numerous awards for art design and tattoos and appeared in many industry magazines.  I have also manufactured tattoo equipment and instructional videos for the next generation of tattoo artists.

I try not to fall into trends of tattooing nor limit myself to one style. There is a right needle for every job and every tattoo artist should know how to use it. So whether you’re looking for color work, black and gray, fine line or traditional, portraits, cartoons or anything in between you came to the right place.

Big Joe & Sons Tattooing - Yonkers, NY - Co-Owner/Head Tattoo Artist

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